1) When I exhale, what am I blowing out?

-What you're exhaling is vapor that contains traces of our ingredients, none of which are known to be toxic to you or the people you are sharing your air with. Your air sharers may smell traces of the flavoring you're using.  

2) What are the ingredients inside the cartomizers?
- Glycerol (Glycerol is a simple polyol compound being a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that tastes sweet and is non-toxic. The glycerol backbone is found in all lipids known as triglycerides. It is often used in the food industry as a sweetener and humectant and in pharmaceutical formulations), Nicotine, Propylene Glycol (a water-based ingredient found in many health care products- this is an anticoagulant- keeps substances from sticking together) and flavoring ingredients. 

3) How does the E-Cig create the vapor?
- There is an atomizer inside each of the cartomizers that heats up the liquid to create the vapor.   

4) What are the milligrams of nicotine comparable to?
- 00MG has no nicotine (just flavoring), 06MG is comparable to the silver packs of traditional cigarette, 12MG is comparable to the traditional gold packs of traditional cigarettes, 16MG is comparable to the red packs of traditional cigarettes.

5) What flavors or types of cartomizers do you have?
-We have traditional flavors: Cowboy, Menthol, Desert, and Tobacco. We also have Specialty Flavors: Apple, Blueberry, Coffee, Grape, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Orchard (one cartomizer each of 5 different specialty flavors...the packs vary depending on the time of the year.) 

6) What milligrams do the cartomizers come in?
- The traditional flavors (Cowboy, Menthol, and Tobacco) are available in 00MG, 06MG, 12MG, and 16MG.  Desert, Vanilla, and Coffee are available in 16MG and 12MG. The rest of our product line is available all the way to 00mg. 

7) What is your return policy?
-  We have a 90-day guarantee on all products with your receipt, for manufacture defects only. We do not guarantee that you will like our product nor that our product will satisfy your needs.  Though we hope they do!

8)  What is the difference between Singles and batteries in the kits?
-  The Singles are for those looking to give the product a try before investing in a kit or for those current users looking to replace their batteries.  Both the singles and the kit batteries are exactly the same.

9) Can I smoke these anywhere?
- Yes, you can and with your help, we are hoping the eliminate the current bans on them being used in places where traditional cigarette users can't either. WE the e-cig community has a voice and we need to use it. Traditional cigarettes were banned in areas where the public congregates and for good reason, they emit toxic chemicals that can cause harm to others, however, e-cigs do not.  We are not harming others. We say yes you can smoke anywhere, because if you're anything like us, you stopped using traditional cigarettes in your home, your car, your Mom's house, etc due to the damage they cause, ours do not cause any damage to human's or property.....so go ahead and use ours....finish the whole movie without going out for a "smoke break."

10)  Why does my cartomizer appear empty and it has only been a half a day?

-  A lot of people smoke more often with the electronic cigarettes and they don’t even realize it. Also, if you find you are going through cartomizers more often then you feel you should, for example, and you are smoking a 12MG you should consider moving up to a 16MG. 


11)  What wall plug can I use with my USB charger?
- You can use the wall plug provided in the kit, or that we sell separately. You can also use an iPhone cube, but DO NOT use androids charger, it will short out the batteries/USB chargers.  

12) Where does the Nicotine come from?
- The nicotine/tobacco comes from right here in the United States! Virginia to be exact.

13) Will your cartomizers fit on other brands of batteries?
-Our cartomizers are male, so they will fit on most all female batteries. The batteries have to have the same circumference as the cartomizers.

14) What do SmokeEnds tastes compare to?
-It depends on the flavor you chose. The Tobacco, Menthol, and Cowboy taste just like the three different types of traditional cigarettes. Our Specialty Flavors taste just like their name and they have a little kick of nicotine (for those that have nicotine in them) Variety contains one each of the Specialty Flavors so you can try them and see which you like best.

15)  My battery is completely charged but does not seem to work right, what can I do?
See our how-to section!

16)  My cartomizer is warm, why is that?
- There could be a couple reasons, one being that with the electronic cigarette you can smoke almost everywhere so you are smoking more than you normally do with traditional smoking tools. Another reason could be that your battery is low on charge or has run out. Try a fully charged battery. Also, your MG strength might not be strong enough if you find yourself going through cartomizers rather quickly, for example, and you are smoking a 06MG you should consider moving up to a 12MG.  

17) About how long does each individual cartomizer last?
- Each cartomizer is equivalent to 1 ¼ packs of cigarettes. But, it depends on the individual smoking habits. Some people smoke more often with the electronic cigarette because they can smoke virtually anywhere.  

18) How long will my battery last in-between charges?
-Your battery will last 6-8 hours if fully charged.

19) Why is the end of my battery flashing?
- If the end of your battery is flashing it means your battery needs to be charged. Place it on the charger, and let it charge.

20) Are your electronic cigarettes more economical than traditional smoking tools?
- Yes, definitely. Our cartomizers have the same amount of Nicotine found in 25 traditional cigarettes.  The cost of our cartomizers is $2.20 each. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $6.00. 

21) What is a Select-A-Kit?
- A Select-A-Kit is the perfect set up for new SmokeEnds users. It comes with a wall plug, USB charger, a car charger and two rechargeable batteries. Why two batteries? We give you two so that you can always have one battery charging and enjoying your new healthier habit with the other. It is called a Select-A-Kit because you get to pick the five pack to purchase with your kit.  We do this so that you choose the milligram and flavor that best suits your needs.

22) If I need help or have questions when can I get in contact with Customer Service?   
-Our Customer Service hours are 9am-6pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday-Friday. Feel free to contact us at 1-866-284-4758 or info(AT)smokeends(DOT)com

23) What service do you use to send orders?
- We offer UPS and USPS, if you are shipping to an APO AE address please contact us at 1-866-284-4758 or info(AT)smokeends(DOT)com

24) How long do I have to wait for my order once it has been placed?
- If you place your order before 11 a.m. EST it will be sent out the same day and arrive within 1 to 3 days. If you place your order after 11 a.m. EST it will be sent out the next business day after you placed your order and arrive within 1 to 3 days.

25) Who can use SmokeEnds products?
- SmokeEnds product is not for children or those under the age of 18. SmokeEnds is not intended in those who have never smoked before. Most SmokeEnds’ products contain nicotine. Keep out of the reach of small children, some parts can be considered a choking hazard. If experiencing nicotine miss use symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, weakness, rapid heartbeat, or nausea consult your physician. Let it be known in the state of California nicotine is known to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. SmokeEnds products are not intended to treat or cure diagnosed or prevent any disease. The above statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

26) Is SmokeEnds a quit smoking tool?
Electronic Cigarettes haven’t been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a means to quit smoking.